Marvit Guitars is an italian brand, founded in 2009 by two brothers, Francesco and Marcello Manca. They build high end musical intruments, in cooperation with some of the most successful and well famous international companies, such as Schaller, Aguilar and Galli Strings. The two founders. musicians as well, they managed to direct their lifetime passion for the music towards musicians themselves, with the goal of making their art and experience more enjoyable. In simple words, they build beautiful instruments, as in the italian best tradition, with a lovely sound.

The official Marvit logo is the Eye of Horus (the All- Seeing Eye), the egyptian symbol of prosperity, health and kingship, and has been chosen because of his direct similarity with the neapolitan horn-shaped amulet.
Marvit is constantly involved in researching new engineering techniques to improve its masterpieces, in order to make them more comfortable and efficient, with a sound that could evoke inspiration.
After a decade in the market, Marvit is in any professional environment worldwide.


Price/Quality ratio,95%


What People Say?:

Aguilar Amplification.

Iconic Italian brands such as Ferrari, Gucci and Bulgari are revered for their sense of style, design and artistry.
This also extends to Italian basses – like this pair of beauties from Marvit Guitars!


Customer from Amazon Uk

Italians make beautiful cars,they also make beautiful guitars.I had been looking to buy a new bass for several months
when out of the blue I discovered the Apofi whilst browsing bass guitars on Amazon.
It ticked all the boxes in respect of pickups, pre-amp, bridge, tuners and neck through construction....
...In old Napoli its Amore.


Customer from Amazon

I have purchased a marvit guitar previously just over 12 months ago a Mahat model.
The quality of the guitar well exceeded my expectations on arrival and has done so ever since (not able to review as no longer available via Amazon).
So naturally when looking for additional guitar had no hesitation in returning to this maker, decided on the Trivarga model
this also turned out to be an excellent choice. Both models were very well set up and
virtually playable straight from the box...(continue on amazon)


Why Choose Us?


Knowing that you are buying a high end instrument, that has passed many quality checks along the way before being put in the market, leads to a serene purchase without any surprise.

Preps & competence

We are confident in been able to satisfy any musician's need. This is why you have the opportunity to customize your instrument so it will fit you once in your hands.

We have magic

Every time any musician plays one of our instruments It is a magic alchemy.

Do you have your own vision? ...share it with us!

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