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Marvit Musical Instruments:
Marvit has been devoted for years to the research of the finest design and the highest level of technology in our guitars & basses. We believe that our products are playing a major role in inspiring and facilitating the musical life of musicians that chose our instruments.

"It's Time for a new Sound...!"
After 10 years of production, our guitars & basses can be found on stages and in studios worldwide. We are enticed and thrilled to have contributed to a new sound and to countless great performances, both live and during studio sessions.



Our profound love for music is the force that inspired us from day one.

Alessio Forlani recording at Marvit Center

Luca Gianquitto is presenting the new Marvit Guitars - LG-21

Diego Imparato - La via del cambiamento


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80125 Napoli


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