KHEPRI series

Khepri 2016

Khepri brings the bolt-on platform back to the main Marvit lineup with some significant updates. Khepri series have traditional body combination of mahogany back and maple top with a bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The neck sports a Pattern Thin carve and satin nitro finish for a natural, addictive feel. The electronics consist of a volume and tone control with 5-way schaller selector switch (auto split) for a greater versatility.

1. Headstock

Top Headstock has the same top body finish (color and type of wood). Inlay: Marvit Logo.

2. Neck

Bolt on Neck - Wood Species: Maple - Profile: Modern “C”

3. Fingerboard

One piece Rosewood - 24 Frets - Radius 12" - Scale: 25,5" - Binding: no - Side Dots (Color): white - Inlays Style: Trapezoid - Material: Acrylic

4. Body

Wood: Maple Wood: Mahogany
Pieces: 2 Weight: Medium
Grade: A Density: Medium
Binding: No Binding: No


5. Strap-Lock

Schaller Security Lock - Superb materials and outstanding quality define Shaller as a worldwide market leader.

6. Machine Head

Schaller M6 Locking: With this tuner the string is locked in the shaft by a handy knurled nut located on the rear of the peghead, resulting in a low overall height. 6-in-line models with two different shaft lengths (staggered). Gear ratio 1:16.

7. Nut

High quality bone nut to create the most consistent tone, string balance and precise string spacing.

8. Pickups

Neck) Seymour Duncan SCR-1N: Great sounding neck humbucker tone that fits into the single coil slot of your Strat, the Cool Rails neck delivers an articulate and full sound as any full sized humbucker.
Mid) Seymour Duncan SHR1n middle: The Hot Rails neck model uses a strong ceramic magnet and overwound coils to deliver big sounding, well balanced humbucker tones for rock and metal.
Bridge) TB 4 JB Trembucker: The JB Model humbucker is the most popular pickup of all time. Blues, country, fusion, punk, hard rock, grunge, thrash. The low end is full and powerful, the highs are crispy and detailed and there’s an upper-midrange bump that adds crunch and chunk to heavy chords but translates to a singing, vocal-like quality when you play single notes or solos. Meanwhile the hot output pushes your amp just that little bit harder for more sustain and harmonics.

9. Bridge

Schaller Tremolo Vintage: The baseplate of hardened steel and the solid spring block ensures an outstanding sustain. Roller bridge saddles fix the strings in their optimum position.

10. Control Pocket Assembly

Volume control Tone Control
Type: 500K Non-Linear Type: 500K Non-Linear
Peak Voltage: 500V Peak Voltage: 500V
Range: 0-500K Range: 0-500K
  Capacitors: 0,022 uF

Marvit Khepri
Marvit Khepri
Marvit Khepri
Marvit Khepri
Marvit Khepri


Model: Khepri

Date: 1th February, 2009

Producer: Marvit®

Country: Italy

List Price: € 1.890,00

For over 10 years Marvit Custom has been the emblem of Italian craftsmanship. Now and then, Marvit remains a place in this world where you'll find the best of the best of italian talent.
We take great pride in knowing that we bring the most discerning players and collectors in the World. This reflect years of a passionate commitment by Marvit craftspeople, engineers, players and collectors from around the globe.

Marvit Khepri.

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